Fabspeed Sport Cats (w/ HJS Cats)

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Fabspeed Sport Cats with HJS High Flow Cats for 2020+ McLaren GT [4.0TT V8]

Replace the four restrictive McLaren GT OEM 650 cell-per-square-inch (CPSI) catalytic converters with two ultra high-performance 200 cell HJS German-Imported Tri-Metallic high flow catalytic converters for improved performance and hypercar sound. Fabspeed HJS Sport Cats are extremely efficient in terms of air flow, flowing at 93 - 95% the rate of a straight pipe. The HJS Catalytic converters chosen by Fabspeed can support over 1200HP. These are giant 5.15" 130mm round units. The largest size that can be installed and fit a McLaren GT.


  • McLaren GT (2020+) [4.0TT V8]


Fabspeed Motorsport
Vehicle Fitment:
  • McLaren GT (2020+) [4.0TT V8]


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